Monday, February 1, 2010

The Gleng Samurai

Aloooooo, this is irony speaking. I am calling about the order of tall stacks_toward_the_end that I put in for dvasudevan. I don't like how she pwned the game regardless of the arrival of tall stacks (for a while). Henceforth please include an order of ten_minute_tall_stack_starvation with all my tall stacks_toward_the_end orders. Thanks!

I am NOT obsessed with Tetris. Especially NOT with the first person/night mode version. I am NOT going blind from play this game sneakily in my office with the screen brightness set to the least. I am NOT contemplating going as a blocky bit for Halloween this year. I am NOT making patterns of tetris blocks in my pipette tip box. I did NOT pay 4 bucks for a iPod application so I could play Tetris on the pot. I NEVER shush my friends when the game is in critical speed condition. I NEVER curse out loud or blame them for losing.

Just wanted to make this clear and known.

Thank you,
NOT Closet Tetrisaholic

P.S. I did NOT make this while taking a break from NOT playing tetris.


Eugene said...

I can NOT believe you have NOT updated this since February.

I would NOT like to request a continuation of one of your blog series, NOT with the following titles:
Ribonucleotide homicide
Deoxyribonucleotide homicide
Dideoxyribonucleotide homicide

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