Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thinly veiled contempt.

So what is the deal with all the bigotry in the world?

I despise most who tell me they don't question the right of Imam Rauf to build the community center, just the wisdom of the location. They are, in some sense, just as bad as those who oppose it outright.
And then there is the clown in Florida who wants to commit sacrilege by burning the Qu'ran. Why are you different from the morons who flew into the WTC? They twisted religion to explain their vile motives and so are you. What example are you setting as a preacher? As someone who has a moral obligation in society, you should know better. Swine.
A world of 6.6 billion people fighting over fairy tales (or the existence of it). Fairy tales that are supposed to show us a way of life, that are supposed to make enforcing morals easy. Restraints that are supposed to help us raise our children better, smoothen societal functioning, answer questions tougher than current science can. Religion is not a contest, Nation (Colbert influence). If someone else is treating it as one, please don't throw on your armor and sink to their level. Like my mommy says, if you throw a stone into slush, it will only splash on you.

A special shout out to this friend on Facebook who posted a video of Pakistani MP/MLAs speaking terrible English, with a post titled - A must see for Indian's - nonetheless. Really? You abuse the apostrophe and want to call attention to someone else's language flaws.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Gleng Samurai

Aloooooo, this is irony speaking. I am calling about the order of tall stacks_toward_the_end that I put in for dvasudevan. I don't like how she pwned the game regardless of the arrival of tall stacks (for a while). Henceforth please include an order of ten_minute_tall_stack_starvation with all my tall stacks_toward_the_end orders. Thanks!

I am NOT obsessed with Tetris. Especially NOT with the first person/night mode version. I am NOT going blind from play this game sneakily in my office with the screen brightness set to the least. I am NOT contemplating going as a blocky bit for Halloween this year. I am NOT making patterns of tetris blocks in my pipette tip box. I did NOT pay 4 bucks for a iPod application so I could play Tetris on the pot. I NEVER shush my friends when the game is in critical speed condition. I NEVER curse out loud or blame them for losing.

Just wanted to make this clear and known.

Thank you,
NOT Closet Tetrisaholic

P.S. I did NOT make this while taking a break from NOT playing tetris.