Friday, June 12, 2009

Adventures of Chlora

Alas! All the perfumes of Arabia cannot wash off this smell of bleach... 

The city is not what it used to be. There is no safe place where you can have dinner without worrying about how it smells or even eat a cracker without fearing if the crumbs will be caught. Taking a shower is deemed damage to the bathtub and trees shedding leaves considered a trespassing of law. 
It all began when the people of Clifford signed the lease. When the ink was still fresh, Landlordy made his move. He quickly turned life into a gamble for the citizens of Clifford, making obnoxious demands that the people almost always fulfilled when the lease was waved in their faces warningly. The once academic society slowly degenerated into a vengeful creature that crafted politically correct emails to keep Landlordy at bay. 

An oppressed society will always erupt into violence... a hero will emerge to cleanse the society of its scum. Who will turn it over and expose its shameful underbelly ridden with greedy, unreasonable demands...

On a starless night, a silent figure observes the vast city partially shrouded in darkness, it's gaze protective. Its eyes looked over expanses of polished waxed floors, white bathroom tiles that could be used as mirrors and spotless kitchen counters. A cry for help with a tough stain on a door comes from the eastern halls and the figure disappears into the alley. Bearing a bottle of pure bleach in a convenient spray bottle, the figure assures the victim that things are under control. It sprays and scrubs with all its might till the stain is completely gone. It asks for no payment, it asks for no gratitude. It sulks away back into the alley to regain its watchful eye over Clifford. 

As dawn approaches, the Bleacher disappears into a small window and emerges as a simple graduate student driving a third-handed Japanese car. Completely oblivious to her heroic acts of the night, she goes to lab and carries out her experiments. Come night, she dons her once white t-shirt and frayed night pants, commands her bottle of bleach and sets off on her guard duties. Fingernails eroded, hands dry and clothes devoid of color, she fights for to protect Clifford from Landlordy.
The people of Clifford recognize the Chlorox bottle she bears in hand and symbolize it.
They call her Chlora.

Color: White
Song: Batman background music