Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ae Gogol!

I'm living my life in multiples of 22 mainly because there are only three factors.

a) Dear Long Island blondes who drive SUVs, the blind spot is NOT a myth. It exists and I am in it.
b) Dear Thesis Committee member, please do not roast my behind over the fire lit with nitty-gritty details.
c) Dear Eugene, I will write a post in your honor soon. Yes, I accept payment in cash. 
d) Dear Important people who decide how much grad students get paid, we want to do more than just about survive. 
e) Dear Person who leaves bottles open, most liquids evaporate. 
f) Dear Barrack, I want an iPod too. It's cool with me if it has your speeches on it.
g) Dear Grammatically challenged person writing blogs/letters/notes, there is a difference between your and you're.
h) Dear Deepa Mehta, you write belchy stories.
i) Dear Anurag Kashyap, you write sucky screenplays adapted from belchy stories.
j) Dear Person I consider a friend, send me a gift.
k) Dear Kalpen Modi, please go back to House.
l) Dear Person reading this, thank you very much for leaving an appropriately critical yet nice comment with just the right number of compliments.
m) Dear Person reading this and considering not writing a comment, see you in Grad school.

Color: Blue
Song: Minnat


Eugene said...

Do you accept money orders, too?

Sripathi G. Raj said...

Hahahahahahaha ROFL. One of the best posts. Now, how do I make this critical?

Kruz said...

hahahaha....i enjoyed it bassu...idha thaan vitla ukandundu paningala...efect vera/...

Deepu Vasudevan said...

I do if they are for more than 10 bucks.

You already did when you said "How do I..."

This was posted 3 days back. Let me teach you the concept of the calender when we meet next.

VijayGanesh. S said...

Lovely. Ofcourse, blind spot is never a myth and it is not only for SUVs !

Deepu Vasudevan said...


Now if only people on the L.I.E. understood that. :|

lallopallo said...

Thank God..there is one other person who sees through the pretentious bugger Anurag Kashyap!
Funny post miss!

Nivs said...

Very Very Hilarious..............:D

Deepu Vasudevan said...


I actually think he is an okay director, but both his screenplays were meh.
You haven't written in ages! Write!

Thanks maga

Sandeep said...

you've lots of dear ones :P

Sriram said...

Dear Deepu, that was a refreshing read.

Deepu Vasudevan said...


Mostly uninvited ones :P

Dear Sriram
Thank you :)

One in a Billion said...

Dear Deepu, this is entirely off-topic, but how do these posts get labelled?

One presumes it is done automatically, and the algorithm is quite fascinating, for this (most enjoyable) post, while touching on many aspects of the human condition, did not seem to touch upon 'shitty weather'. And your comment on the emotional immune system (see, one read your old posts as well) certainly made no mention of 'marriage'.

lallopallo said...

I wrote something yesterday! Hope you like it..:)

P.S. I use my real name Dev now, but since I cannot comment on your blog using that, I have to comment using wordpress username, lallopallo. :)

Ryan.A.Nash said...

Dear blogger who started every sentence albeit one with an alphabet to serialise it followed by dear, Good post! (I say this in a room which echoes, so you have just the right number of compliments)

I'd like to say something to grammatically challenged person who paints billboards in my street who ismost probably a friend of grammatically challenge peson who writes blogs/letters/notes. "There is no such word like "your's".

Deepu Vasudevan said...

One thanks one for stopping by and reading more than one post.
One (not that One, this one) of the ways the posts get labelled is by what I had in mind when I was writing it or any other situation the "logic" described in the post applies to. The weather was shitty and the immune system was fighting against marriage.

I like Lallopallo better than Dev. It has depth and character :P

Dear Cousin who uses anagrams for their last name value, thank you for the compliments. (No echoes in my room so consider it collective gratitude).
Also, a picture of the aforementioned billboard would be entertaining.

lallopallo said...

"I like Lallopallo better than Dev. It has depth and character "

By saying this, you have definitely shown lot of character. :)
I agree with you completely, but for certain reasons, I dont want to use that name publicly :)

Meghana Naidu said...

*One critical comment coming up! with extra compliments and sprinkles.*

PS: Join my crusade against blogs with bad grammar.

post nasty comments disgused in higly refined english (they might actually say thank you, you know :P)