Tuesday, September 30, 2008


People think its hard getting into Grad school - dealing with GRE, applying, purposing and all that muck; they should try getting out. 
(Is this the part where I apologize for not blogging as often as I should have? Later? OK.)

So in these three weeks, I have 

- been tortured by the fact that I am a G4 status graduate student. It is the most annoying/senseless status assigment I've ever come across. So the way this "works" is, if you have completed 24 credits and are currently taking 9 credits per semester, you are G4 status. If you are still doing those 24 credits, then you are G3. You can graduate when you are in G3 but not when you are in G4 (with a Masters, that is). Technically, the more credits I have, the more I must have to graduate (I need 56 for a Phd :|).

- gotten addicted to Ma No Pa. When I am with company that might not appreciate the brilliance of U Shrinivas, I wait till they leave. I pray that they leave soon so that I can listen to Zakir's and Selvaganesh's rhythmic geniuses. And the minute they step out of the car, I quickly direct my quivering hands to turn on the stereo and thank McLaughlin for making this happen. All of my labmates have had to yell to get my attention because I had it full blast on my iPod. (I'm totally iEverything since the arrival of my Macbook). 

- been told that I am having too much fun at work: "You have to enjoy working, not enjoy at work." Thanks Eugene. You Jewish Chinaman, you.

- wondered what'd happen if I didn't know Science. Since nothing is happening when I know it, I guess nothing would happen if I didn't know it. 

- signed up for Facebook and regretted it almost immediately. 

- had someone change the gear on my car to neutral  accidentally when I was waiting at a traffic light. When it turned green, there was some serious honking and I practically stood on the pedal to get the damn machine moving. Then everyone behind me started going around my car, one profanity per car being hurled at me until I realized the car was in neutral. 

- gazed longingly at this amazing tweed coat for an embarassing length of time and for the umpteenth time wished there was as much money in science as there is in computers/finance. :( But Wall Street is so hahaha now that I am actually happy for science.

- been asked by someone to write a blog or else to stop changing my status on GTalk. :P 
(I suppose this gives me clearance to change my status) 

- realized that if either of these men were single, then all my problems would come to an end instantly. 

(Is now OK? No? Fine.)

Though I've been told a  gazillion times that I am actually less busy than I project myself to be, this time I really was busy. Really. Pinky swear.

Color: Army green

(Now is it okay to apologize? You understand? Really? OK Thanks. By-bye)


Sandeep said...

PhD, long way to go.. phew...

awesome music! :)
I loved it too..

where do you download for free these stuff? :D

P.S.: You don't have time only for something you don't like to do, and be it so :)

The Regular Joe said...

After reading the post this is what my brain retains

"Wall Street is so hahaha now"

Grrrrr about it, but if u want to scoop a few stocks, now is the time :P

Anonymous said...

Machi, the story of a grad student is like a cloud of fart - it stinks and it is unbelievable. :D
Chillax maadi, summne bengloorge bandu masaal dose thinnu! :D

Vinod R Iyer said...

Thanks for the Ma No Pa link !!

Nice blogspace u have here .. Keep writing :)

Deepu Vasudevan said...


Download.. tsk tsk... I buy the music. On a CD. :P


Try being in science (READ: money-starved) wondering if you should've gone into computers/finance for the money at least. Then watch Wall street break down. Its almost like God comes down to you and says "This is why you are in Science, my child."

Lehman Bros for 17c/stock. No thanks.Not even for free :P


True dude, passing clouds of fart.


Thank you. There are others on youtube too. :)

Anonymous said...

ok.. where do i get to download these for free? :P

Deepu Vasudevan said...


You can do one of two things:
a) Record it from youtube if you have a nice laptop :P
b) Be nice to me so that I can email them to you :P

Sandeep said...

Hey gorgeous.. how you doin today? ;)

doesn't look genuine enough? :P :))

Deepu Vasudevan said...


That will do. Now where can I send the payment? :P

Anonymous said...


Shri said...

"Download.. tsk tsk... I buy the music. On a CD. :P"

If only people wrote the correct address :p

Deepu Vasudevan said...


Thank you :)