Saturday, September 6, 2008


So I use Yahoo! Messenger. And actually used to prefer it over Gtalk for a lot of reasons.
a) The emoticon range. 
b) The invisiblity mode.
c) Categorizing friends. 
d) Webcam usage.
and so on. 

Recently, Gtalk caught up with a and b (though my mom keeps asking me why I put a blue colored colon and bracket after some line), while c and d still remain to be solved. Now I use both programs. About a month back a friend told me one could find out if someone is invisible in yagoo! (the way I say it, becaas of the saauth yinndian aakksent you knoo vaa?) here. And I use it from time to time to detect friends who I need to talk to ASAP(Gossip must spread like wildfire, do you know what the speed of wildfire is? Do you?!), or to check if my best friend is hiding from me(his fiance really hates me :D) etc. 
So one fine day in my pathetic grad life, I was sitting around lazing in my post-doc free office, contemplating stealing the Jap's coffee powder to make some stimulant that could get me to work. I was as usual signed into every messenger installed on my laptop (READ: lifeline). I stealthily closed the door to the office and in true grad student fashion, I stole coffee powder (Hideyuki, if you are reading this, I am sorry and I'll make more competent cells to make up for it) and made the beverage (potability: average). Finally when some neurons in the corner of my grad mind were jerking awake and cursing me for the untimely stimulation, the strangest thing happened on my laptop screen. In quick succession, three people BUZZed me on yagoo!, none of who I knew. I ignored the first two. 
The third one was persistant and BUZZed me three times. I was getting curious about how these guys chose random ids so I engaged in the following conversation.

Deepu (9/4/2008 6:30:19 PM): who are you
george_williams95 (9/4/2008 6:30:28 PM): i am williams
george_williams95 (9/4/2008 6:30:32 PM): frm australia
Deepu (9/4/2008 6:30:42 PM): really
george_williams95 (9/4/2008 6:30:43 PM): flight engineer by profession
george_williams95 (9/4/2008 6:30:52 PM): how abt u?
Deepu (9/4/2008 6:30:52 PM): and how did you find my id ?
george_williams95 (9/4/2008 6:31:10 PM): i found it from
george_williams95 (9/4/2008 6:31:15 PM): i found it from
george_williams95 (9/4/2008 6:31:29 PM): is that ur pic in avatar?
Deepu (9/4/2008 6:32:02 PM): persiangap?
Deepu (9/4/2008 6:32:06 PM): i have never heard of the site
Deepu (9/4/2008 6:32:12 PM): i cant see how oyu foiund my id there
Deepu (9/4/2008 6:32:21 PM): *you
george_williams95 (9/4/2008 6:32:22 PM): just check it urself u can find out
Deepu (9/4/2008 6:32:32 PM): never mind
Deepu (9/4/2008 6:32:37 PM): i think we're done in this conversation
Deepu (9/4/2008 6:32:39 PM): good bye
george_williams95 (9/4/2008 6:32:44 PM): ur pic appeared there
george_williams95 (9/4/2008 6:32:52 PM): i liked it so i added u up
Deepu (9/4/2008 6:33:22 PM): i am sorry, but that doesn't help at all. i refrain from adding people i actually know .
george_williams95 (9/4/2008 6:33:35 PM): ahh its okey no probs
george_williams95 (9/4/2008 6:33:41 PM): may i know ur asl pls
Deepu (9/4/2008 6:34:06 PM): what is asl
george_williams95 (9/4/2008 6:34:16 PM): hmm age,sex,loc
Deepu (9/4/2008 6:34:43 PM): i see no need to share that information with you
george_williams95 (9/4/2008 6:34:51 PM): ahh okey
george_williams95 (9/4/2008 6:34:54 PM): bye
Deepu (9/4/2008 6:34:55 PM): bye
george_williams95 (9/4/2008 6:35:01 PM): #:-S

(I do find it stupid that I didn't know what asl was. I remember knowing it at some point of time in my life :|)

So after the "Flight engineer" explained, I went to the website. I really don't know how it functions, this invisibility finder. My surmise is that it is a cousin of the one I use. Every time someone uses their website, the profile of the person whose status they are checking is flashed. So someone was checking if I was online. And the irony is that I was not even invisible. :| Nonetheless, I think it would do us a lot of good to keep away from such website and let invisible people be. I take an oath to never use an uncloaking site again (except for detecting best friends with cuckoo fiancees and co-mongers). Amen.

On a totally different note using an entirely different music scale, a junior of mine got married (!!) and I was looking at her wedding pictures. One of their well-wishers (literally) had the following to say, 

M: made of each other, well wishes!

I yamm suure they yarre Mr.M, I yamm suuure. 

Color: Blue


Anand said...

Enna koduma deepu ithu! :D

The Regular Joe said...

Enjoyed this thoroughly :D

Anonymous said...

i too like yahoo msngr.. it's soo much better than other IMs..
but most of my contacts now are dormant on yahoo :(

btw neither of the sites seems to work

though i've my own ways of finding out ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh god... You and your adventures! Why the hell do you have to go check someone if they're invisible or not!? I don't see the logic... If you need to tell someone something, just ping him/her, whether they appear to be online or offline..!! :D
Summne hi-tech antha try maadidre, hinge aagodhu.. Flight engineer, anthe! :D

Deepu Vasudevan said...


vetti pasanga :D


Thanks :)
Long time, no see!

The sites work! Maybe since you are in India :D
And pray, what are your 'ways'?

Dude, if someone is hiding, they must be found. Esp on messenger.


Arvind Suresh said...

Uncloaking?! Outrageous!

Yahoo messenger however as a program is very annoying tho. Extremely hard to remove from your system if you want to and keeps popping up at all the wrong times!

Well wishes to you too my chaild...

Arvind Suresh said...

although yahoo brought about IM ing in a big way in India atleast! and when the whole idea was coming I must admit I did a lot of asl'ing too!..

Anonymous said...

what's this geographism :P

my ways are not to be disclosed for free :D

Karthik said...

deepu..curiosity is cool at times :P ...and btw..i dont think yahoo is any match for gtalk..gtalk somehow has the "feel"

Prarthana Ravishankar said...

Shit! This stuff really happens aa?
Flight engineer.... *cough* LOL!!

Anonymous said...

what's with your geographism :P
If it works in CA, it should work in KA :D

You haven't done that tag!!
also, no new post.. i'm wasting hits :P

Deepu Vasudevan said...


ASLing? Its a verb now? Ewww.


You should try Adium on a mac. That is the "Feel". Gtalk is bleh now.


He's probably chasing chickens and watching them fly away - hence "flight engineer".
Anyway, this stuff happens. What is worse is, I know people who fall for it. :P


"Wasting" hits? You just broke my heart and then walked all over the pieces :(

The tag will be up in a bit.

Sandeep said...

aww.. you'll know what i mean when you don't use reader and visit the blog by URL from 6th Sept till 30th Sept! :)

Balaceanu said...

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