Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Three lame mice.

See how they run.
See how they run.

I wait for a social event. In the social event, I wait for an interesting discussion. During the discussion, I wait for conflicting opinions. Once the conflicting opinions are stated, I wait for an accusation.
And then the games begin!

Ten questions I have been asked recently.

Who is your favorite God?
A: Krishna. He made flirting and lying legitimate.

Is it possible to love two people at the same time?
A: As long as you are willing to accept the outcomes*, sure.
(*of the declarations - added after considering Saffy's comment)

What if the guy you are with is monogamous?
A: I doubt any guy truly is. And if he is, then he wouldn't be my guy.

Would you eat something even if you didn't know what was in it?
A: Depends on how hungry I am.

What do you think YUI stands for?
A: Yahoo User Interface?
(Turns out the person was aiming for FYI but made a typo. I am yet to figure out how he messed up that bad.)

Arranged marriages must be really interesting, no?
A: Define interesting.

Why do I meet all the cute guys after I get a boyfriend?
A: Some says it is time testing your "loyalty". Some think its dumb luck. I think it doesn't matter before or after!

If you don't have sequence information, how do you plan to design primers?
A: Errr... umm....

When do you think you'll have the money ready?
A: Err... umm....

Do you think its a good idea to get into graduate school?
A: Err... umm....

The first question led to a discussion about Judaism and Christianity. The second and third was from someone who was trying to understand how polygamy is possible. The fourth was from my roommate who is on IV-coke on our way to dinner. The fifth was from some arbitrary argument with some arbitrary friend of a friend on some arbitrary picture. #6 from a German friend. The seventh is from Ms.IV-coke again, who recently hooked up (congratulations!) and is considering requesting an open relationship (way to go Chick!). Number eight from my omniscient Jap post doc. Nine and ten have been asked so many times I've lost count. Most recently from someone we're buying a car from (#9) and a poor French undergraduate student in my lab (#10).

I think I am largely satisfied with my haul this week.

Color: Fuchsia (I was thinking of one other word that begins with FUC when we play quarter-gone)
Song: You've got me all tied up in knots.. and I love you lots and lots (I can't find the link to this song or remember who it was by :( )


Anonymous said...

Your posts are sooo different, and the way you put them down is amazing!

time testing your "loyalty" :D :D
that's like the worst joke ever :P

wendigo said...

the song is by 'the wonders', best known for 'that thing you do'.. youuu.. doing that thing you dooo, breaking my heart intoo a million pieces, like you always dooo...!

avestin said...

"Is it possible to love two people at the same time?
A: As long as you are willing to accept the outcomes, sure.

The actual "act" of loving has nothing to do with the consequences.
It's admitting them to the two (or more) people that have to do with facing the consequences.
I've yet to reach that point...
But loving more than one is as simple as loving one

Deepu Vasudevan said...


Thank you. I am still trying.
And the "loyalty" is filed under amusing-but-true.


Thank you. I know that song as well. But I cant find Love you lots on youtube. :(

The declaration does have outcomes. And you have to deal with them :)

flyingred said...

You are very funny, honey.

flyingred said...

I wish I am a guy, and I must love chatting with you.

Prarthana Ravishankar said...

You don't think its a good idea to get into graduate school??

Anonymous said...

Yenamma hudugi.. Sakkath fan-following illi...? :D
Good one... I've got a question for u and If u say "Err.. ummm.." i'll never forgive u!
"Our Novel!?"

Deepu Vasudevan said...


Aaww. Thanks :)
But why must you be a guy? I think it will be a perfectly enjoyable conversation even if you are a girl!

I never said that. I always maintain that it is a *terrible* idea to go to grad school.


err... umm....

Anonymous said...