Friday, August 15, 2008

They have pills for this kind of thing.

I've had more remarks about my blog in the last one week than I've had in the last year.

What is
~Balu being his usual "creative" self.

Dude, you write about July the 4th but not about Aug 15th. You have no patriotism. You suck.
~ Ashwin who is convinced that I am all pro-American and irrevocably westernized.

So you are looking at matrimonial ads finally.
~ Nikhil's opening comment in the seemingly long discussion about marriage and its uselessness.

You keep saying you write well, but no one comments on your blog. Do you think something is wrong?
~Someone who really thinks writing and I don't fuse well. That I just try to turn just about anything into a blog post. (Now why would he think that?)

If grad life is injury, blogging is the added insult. I take up both voluntarily with a masochistic attitude that never fails to make me laugh. They say there are pills for this kind of thing.
Really, there are.


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flyingred said...

Hey sweetie, I like your words, just need some time to digest them well... This is the first time I come to your blog, but I will come to visit often from now on!

Deepu Vasudevan said...

Thanks Red!

Sandeep said...

hilarious :)

Now you don't have to prove to Someone that you write well

Deepu Vasudevan said...


Aawww.. THanks :)