Friday, August 22, 2008

Seeds of time

Okay. So in the last few days I've received a considerable amount of feedback on my blog post about China's political attitude. Mostly in personal conversations than on the blog itself. But the best argument was with my roommate.

It began with something like-
"I can't believe you let Assaf get away with the Kashmir comment."

It thus ended-
"A part of me believes that it would have actually done us some good if we didn't get Independence (so early)."

I am not pro-Pakistan, I am not anti-Kashmir. I love my country and I want to do my bit for its society (that needs a LOT of work, btw). But I am trying to play spectator here and spot if India is doing to Kashmir what China is doing to Tibet/Taiwan.


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Sandeep said...

Kashmir and Tibet are totally different.
When India got Independence, the Kashmir issue was resolved by the residents voting in favor of India.
Thus Kashmir was a part of India ever since modern India was formed.

It was occupied, and terrorized by Pakistan which not only made the original habitants to shift their base but also made these pro-pakistanis under the false hope of same religion dominate, and thrive for easier hashish and other drug trade across the borders to China, from Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...


I think a wise question that has been asked forever is if Kashmir really wanted to be part of India or if it simply picked the lesser of the two evils - India and Pakistan?


While your question itself makes the reader curious, an opinion from you would be most cherished.

Sandeep said...

The same way we choose the government?
It seems fair enough then :)

Anonymous said...

Politics!! Aargh! Write something cheerful! :P

Anonymous said...


Probably. But isn't it time we change things? And even if we can't really change things, how about changing the way we think to begin with?