Sunday, August 17, 2008

Social b(l)inds.

Note: This post is partly Nikhil's opinions that are now mine too.

Nature is a blanket term for scientific jargon and a bourgeois word for the 'world around us'. Either way we tend to generalize and make patterns of the "natural" happenings around us and thus the term unnatural is born. Some people think homosexuality is unnatural and some even think Michael Phelps getting eight golds is unnatural. While I don't have such important opinions, there is one such thing that I feel isn't natural. Monogamy.

Monogamy is just a social norm, a limit that is put to maybe test the character of a person. But definitely not something that is natural. It is a choice that has a lower rate of occurrence in the XY population. I am not questioning anyone's fidelity here, I am just saying I know a lot of people who would be much happier when the imposition of just-one-partner is lifted. My sample size is definitely not small and my views are mostly unbiased. For the smallest and silliest of things we borrow examples from animals. Intelligence, loyalty, organization and other blah things. When I hear the frequently abused phrase "Even animals..." I want to ask back a lot of questions. I bite my tongue and let it pass because I know my argument is rarely well-received.
When some say Nature didn't notarize homosexuality, do they also agree that Nature completely votes for polygamy? Monogamy is something society designed to make a more peaceful state and its on the same lines as religion ~ a way to be able to control your emotions. I know of people who force themselves to be monogamous. Some can't control their emotions and "cheat". We waste no time in pointing an accusatory finger at the "cheat" without even pausing to think if what he did is unnatural at all.
I'm not against monogamy nor for it. Its a preference that you can either have or not. And just like other preferences, you respect people's choices and let them be.
Vive y deja vivir!

Color: A meterosexual yellow (I pity the meterosexual man for the effort he puts into his image and bearing the disatrous side-effects, if any)
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Karthik said...

true..very true! but god knows why society evolved this way! there must b some reason...

Deepak Mohan said...

That is, I must admit , A LOT of blogging for a PhD student :D

avestin said...

I agree it's a choice, like many other things in life.
As you know, being confused these days I rather not comment too much about "cheating", "faithful" and "monogomous relationship" right now for fear of self incriminating myself...
So I'll take the 5th...

Pradeep said...

Awesome post!!! Even better talk we had about this post :D

Deepu Vasudevan said...


Society evolved this way so that there would be less dispute amongst the monogamous and polygamous.


That is completely irrelevant :P


There is no 5th with me :) And you know it.


Thank you. Do you have an opinion about this yet?

jacaranda said...

I had a blog entry sometime ago touching on this subject.

I agree with you that monogamy is unnatural !