Monday, July 21, 2008

Pardon the parallax please.

I've had the most interesting weekend with the most interesting group of people. Seven of us, six different countries. And I can certify that India, China, Taiwan, Germany, Italy and Korea get along incredibly well. :D
Communication is not a problem thanks to English. But then I'm amazed at a German's ability to take a simple word and contort it into something that sounds like a guy with bronchitis breaking into a cough while gargling. Case in point: the German "version" of the name Charles is a sound similar to Khhhaazvlksjghz. Until then, German was a cool language. Germany was a cool country. German cars were awesome. German dudes were desirable. German dessert was the awesomest.
Post-Khhhaazvlksjghz, my entire fascination with Germany has turned into a focused effort of trying not to spit/spray/bathe-neighborhood-with-saliva when speaking the language. It's warfare, I tell you. Sheer brilliance. In those concentration camps, they probably put the guy in a pit and spoke German to him for 10 minutes and the guy drowned in saliva.

No offense to any German reading this. I still largely adore the country and hope to visit it some day. But please pardon the parallax generated when I'm learning your father tongue. :)

Ich liebe dich!

Color: Black, red and yellow :D
Song: Du hast


Sandeep said...

Who was Ich liebe dich for? :P

Deepu Vasudevan said...

For my beloved Germany of course!!!

Sandeep said...

i get that only now :D :P

The Regular Joe said...