Thursday, July 10, 2008

Jelly fish smoke trails :)

Lovely golden cascades exploded in the skies well synchronized with Star Spangled banner but there wasn't one American-looking person in sight. The fourth of July celebrations always leave me in awe of patriotism in the States. I was just reading the post I wrote on last years gala. Last year I was watching the Macy's fireworks over the Manhattan skyline from a State Park in NJ. This year was at Jones Beach, equally spectacular.
Patriotism in India (in my view) is a solemn and revered concept. We stand in silence when the Anthem plays, and there is something soulful about it. I'm not saying its not in the States but it comes across as a more joyous occasion here. A loud, colorful parade of who they are, and how important they are to the world. It almost makes me want to say they are smug, but they aren't there yet. They know the power they have over the rest of the world and they know the power the rest of the world has over them. It's a fine balance act that they are doing now.

Still, standing there with thousands of immigrants watching America's finest fireworks light up the night sky and leaving behind the most interesting smoke trails (jelly fish people chasing each other), I couldn't help but think that if this was my country's jubilee, then I'd have cried a little for all those who fought for our freedom and made it possible for India to be.

Jai Hind!

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