Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Irony. Most writers strive to have it in their text, but it comes to you naturally.

Lines from a book I read recently that left me pondering about a lot of things in life. If what I do makes sense given the things that are plaguing the rest of the world, if what I do even makes sense to me, if I should consider career alternatives that make more sense in the "political world" and others on similar lines.

For as long as I remember, nothing but science has intrigued me. The only books I can't put down are fiction, old English literature, non-fiction, biographies and biology textbooks. The thing they all have in common is the question - how does the story end? Which is why I thought I'd be alright in science. Because that is what scientists do, find story endings. And those endings start off new stories whose endings need to be found and that is what people mean when they say "I've a career in science".
I thought I could have a career in science. I was reasonably good at math and to some extent gifted with languages. But I still chose science. And I've never wondered until today if I made a mistake.
Grad school does that to you I guess. Makes you second guess your choices. But its also probably an unfair generalization. I've seen people be humbled by grad school and people who've used it as a stepping stone to get to better places and do bigger things in life.
It depends on who you are and who you are with.
If you are motivated and capable of learning on your own, then you'll survive no matter where. Then grad school is just a building to you that gives you a degree.
If you are motivated but need a teacher, then it depends on who you are with. If that person is willing to teach you even when you are stupid, then you'll make it out of grad school unscathed. If they are busy and expect you to raise yourself, then you'll start a blog worrying if you made the wrong career choices. :)

More on grad life coming up!


paramesh said...

your profound thinking and extraordinary sensitivity amazes me.
Your so expressive.
Surprising someone could hold such deep perspective.
the integrity of your thought intrigues me.
looking forward for your next post.

Deepu Vasudevan said...

Thanks Param.
Grad school is one helluva ride.

jacaranda said...

I never thought that I would even envision what I want in a DIL let alone wish it was someone like you !

The combo of humor and brilliance that you have is awesome.

I hope my son meets some one like you !
Incidentally I was born in Bangalore and speak Kannada !!!!!

Deepu Vasudevan said...


Awww... that was flattering.
You keep a nice blog too! Thank you for stopping by.