Thursday, June 5, 2008

Un sirippinil...

You meet me only in my memories
This feeling is a step short of happiness.
Love is an umbrella we hide behind
From the other things the world calls us.

Unforeseen circumstances. How many times have we heard that in airport lobbies, concert shows... countless disappointments. I think that expression sums up my entire life - unforeseen circumstance. Every time I wash my palette and add new colors, an unwashed brush shows up and dips itself in every one of those colors and changes the hue. I don't know what life sees in me that it picks up every stray problem and makes it mine to handle.

What are you doing?

He hastily shut his book. She gave him a mildly amused curious look.



She waited for more explanation.

Its not ready for others to read.

Its always ready honey, you aren't.

He smiled that smile of his. An extraordinary smile on an ordinary face. Sunlight lost in his unkempt black hair. It was a moment of absolute bliss. She curled up on the chaise with a crappy book. He never understood her taste in reading. She could do so much better. He'd politely recommended some books he thought she would like. She'd read them but never said a word to him about how she liked them. He felt inadequate, like he wasn't doing something right. She could make a meal without asking him and it would be exactly what he wanted. A mother-like quality. She was not perfect, yet she was.

He flinched and instinctively shuddered at that word. Mother. That words pulled some cord in the region where he thought his heart was. His mind thought of it as a silken twisted rope that when tugged brought in a barrage of pain and flooded his mind with dark murky memories. He looked at her, peaceful in her yellow smiley t-shirt. She looked up and smiled at him.
The cord tugged.
He pulled the blinds and found a place next to her on the chaise, buried his head in her hair and fell asleep almost instantly.

(Scene IV from the Departure of Happiness)

There is no such thing as true love.

Color: Peach
Song: Ami je tomar


The Regular Joe said...

Liked this :)

Deepu Vasudevan said...

Thanks Sri. I'm working on a couple of others. Lets hope they get out of my drafts page soon!