Friday, April 11, 2008

Chidananda roopa

I have drifted in and out of classical music quite whimsically in the last few years. I rarely am obsessed with any form of music or song for that matter. There is the occasional number that plays in my head for a while that I get over soon, but nothing more than that.
I happened to listen to this raag called Sohini by Veena Sahasrabuddhe. I was totally smitten by it. Its even better than Norah Jones' Come away with me that I can listen to all day and almost as good as Mora saiyan mose bole na by Fuzon. This finding prompted me to Google for her name (I must stop doing that with every new name that I come across :|. But you'll be surprised by how many new and fantastic things I dig out because of that compulsive habit). And the first link that Google regurgitated was an IITB link with my obsession on it - Nirvana Shatkam.

Veenatai for listeners Station 4808 at KIAC and

The voice(s), the words, the raag, its a whirlpool draws me more to the center of it every time I hear it. I've worn out the CD in my car and had to write another one within a week. Blame it on the company, or on my music-starved brain or on my failing immunoblots, but this obsession is making Sideshow Bob look like a joke. :)

Color: Maroon(ed)
Song: Nirvana Shatkam :D

Monday, April 7, 2008


(No, I haven't misspelt the word. It is that way for a certain reason)

A fortunate accident. I don't believe in destiny per se, but the movie always leaves me with a nice feeling. More like a reassurance that things happen for a reason. Raised in a family where the concept of God and religion are central to everyday life, its hard to avoid the compulsive thought of an external Factor (F capitalized with a reason) playing a part in deciding your "fate". I have had arguments and discussions about this Factor with people from different walks of life and I have enough opinions about it to write a book. My Factor is God. And when I say this to my colleagues, an inevitable smirk crosses their face. A scientist and you believe in God? Someone once even said that its like a vegetarian who claims to like the taste of meat. I don't know if its that ridiculous a proposition for someone who has to repeat an experiment 3 times to make sure its outcome is true, to actually believe in a force that is beyond without having any proof for it.
But I do have proof. My entire existence is proof.

Mann se Ravan jo nikaale Ram uske mann mein hai.

Color: Saffron
Song: Pal pal hai bhaari