Tuesday, March 4, 2008

When two and two have to make five.

My interest in breast cancer used to be very minimal. It has grown over the last few weeks owing to professional indulgences and some people I've chanced upon. One fights for the cause, one fights to make a living out of it and one fights it for real. I take a lot of pride in saying I am somewhat similar to the first couple of people. Well, actually, I haven't done much fighting for the cause other than put the ribbon on my blog (aaah, so that's what that is). But I am fighting to make a profession out of it. There is a tone of desperation to my last statement that is a direct result of my recent sub-mediocre performances. Even my blogging has been tainted as "just show off with english words from dictionary" which is rather heartbreaking and annoyingly funny. I've read some amazing blogs recently - The Goltese Falcon, Gounder Brownie (which was disappointingly destroyed by a stupid blog virus), All my bak-bak, (A)musings and one of my all time favorites Jyo's pensive. The feel good factor that I derive from these blogs is that they make me feel less guilty about not blogging as often. They also contribute to my graduate student pie-chart as drawn out by Jorge Cham and personalized to suit MY GENERAL INTERESTS.

(Click on the picture to enlarge. The original version is here)

Considering the amount of attention I give my blog, I would expect people to comment on the crappy language (I so often do that to myself). But now I'm all miss fancy pancy english dictionary. :D Warms my heart so. But my sincerest thanks to Vasanthi for quoting me.

Time to go back and try some of my new research (??!!) plans. Don't get any ideas, by new, I mean new to me. :D

Color: Pink (Go breast cancer fight!)
Song: Please forgive me (Bryan Adams)


Vas Vasudevan said...

You are very welcome Deepu.
fantastic blog. :)

Pushpa said...

When I said that, I did not realise that it is going to hurt somebody this much.

I am sorry deepu, sorry vas. :(

By the way; deepu, it is your turn now....
Bu ha ha ha ha.. ;-)

Pushpa Thilakan.

Deepu Vasudevan said...


thank you again.


Hey no offense taken! All in good humor.
And as I said, its not going to be my turn for a while ;)


Pushpa used harsh words to say that she did not like your blog. I know Pushpa and Vas for many years, and I am sure that she won’t say something to deliberately hurt you, or discourage a budding writer, especially when there is a very high RISK of offending Vas too.
I am aware that you are hurt by her statement, but I am sure that Pushpa must have apologised to you by now, which is the only thing she can do about it now. But Deepu, don’t you think that she is well within her rights to say that?? She was judgemental, which is her right as a reader. What is wrong in that? What I was worried about your response, you (mis)used the next post in the blog to counterattack Pushpa. Millions of good writings in the world, even by good, established writers have been undergone criticism by readers. This has been running for thousands of years now. A matured writer should take the criticism constructively. It is a kind of recognition.(may be it (maturity) is a bit too much to ask from a 23 year old??)If you do this to every critic, how many posts are you going to misuse for it?

Deepu Vasudevan said...


Honestly, I took no offense. It was all in good humor. I just found Pushpa's interpretation of my blog funny so I decided to write about it. I can take criticism well though I am only 23 :D

As I say, all's fair in love and blog.