Monday, March 17, 2008

All's fair in love and blog.

After about an hour of frantic searching for the right words and phrases, she came up with an essay that described her life in ghory yet flowery detail. One hour from today was expensive considering how much real work she had left to do. She logged into Blogger to publish it. Created a new post. Titled it "All's fair in love and blog." Copy/pasted the text from Notepad. Read it. Re-read it. Paused for a second. And then with no indication of regret, deleted it all. Closed the Notepad file without saving it and didn't for a minute worry about the wasted effort.

Publish post.

Color: Angry
Song: We're all prisoners here of our own device.


Anand Prabhu said...

enna aachu enga deepu ku...


Venting !?
You vented your emotions, relieved, then closed the laptop.

Is that what happened?


sad that we didn't get to read it.
But atleast you vented your feelings. I am sure that must have been a good work.

Deepu Vasudevan said...

@ anand

Onum aagale.. thideer nu sila kuzhappangal. :D

@ chandrika

Venting. I try not to vent in my blog. but its inadvertently happens sometimes. will be back with a blast post soon. :D

Tatu said...

I wonder why she closed the file and didn't save her work... Hmmm... I think its not fair... From what I've heard of her, she writes pretty well and I think I deserved to read her work... Next time you see her, pinch her butt for me, will u? ;)