Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ome God (Read: Oh my God)

The first ome I knew was Genome. Then there was proteome. Then Transcriptome. But today, I heard the most ridiculous ome ever. Interactome. What is with the ome fever? Do biologists really expect the world to keep up with all their 'omics'? Or is it just a little word game they play in their own arena?

Either ways, the madness much stop! Else its going to be one helluva Omeome. :|

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Monday, March 17, 2008

All's fair in love and blog.

After about an hour of frantic searching for the right words and phrases, she came up with an essay that described her life in ghory yet flowery detail. One hour from today was expensive considering how much real work she had left to do. She logged into Blogger to publish it. Created a new post. Titled it "All's fair in love and blog." Copy/pasted the text from Notepad. Read it. Re-read it. Paused for a second. And then with no indication of regret, deleted it all. Closed the Notepad file without saving it and didn't for a minute worry about the wasted effort.

Publish post.

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Song: We're all prisoners here of our own device.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Celibacy celibrated.

Being a twenty-three something girl in my family is a dangerous occupation. Hovering grannies, curious aunts, suggestive uncles, cousins with heheitsyourturnnow-looks, a mother shushed and threatened with the possibility of her child joining the nunnery and a father who you think is on your side but is secretly doing all he can to locate your Mr.Perfect (irony!!!).
My mother has allowed herself to "slip" many a prospective groom profiles into our daily conversations. I hear her out for the free humor factor that comes along with it. At the end of each conversation I find new ways to drive her nuts about this, my favorite one being- Amma, I'll run away from home, I'm far enough to do it also.
This doesn't put her search to rest but makes her resolve to visit me in Yamerigga stronger and her search more careful. I think they have a qualification list that is growing with my everyday tantrums (...fair.. tall.. thenkalai.. must be patient... must bear with threats of running away from home... must like cauliflower enough to eat it everyday...).

I even have a standard explanation why I don't want to get married right now.
"My career is in a stage where I cannot handle these things. I need to FOCUS. Science is all I can think of right now. Another person (that too a man!!!) ( What do you mean that too a man???) in my life would triple the chaos and all that I have worked for will be in a whirlpool of confusion. And what really is the hurry? I am just 23."
There is a tsk..tsk.. and a heavy sigh which is communicated with crystal-clear moroseness (Reliance India Call obeys Murphy's law and is always noisy when I am trying to gather gossip about my undergrad classmates). I then lead the conversation into how pathetic my lab results are right now, how much pressure I am under (Oh come on!) and how I am blessed to have understanding parents who'll wait until I feel the need to be married. Yea yea whatever.
Bye Ma, I love you.
Time to watch Will & Grace.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

When two and two have to make five.

My interest in breast cancer used to be very minimal. It has grown over the last few weeks owing to professional indulgences and some people I've chanced upon. One fights for the cause, one fights to make a living out of it and one fights it for real. I take a lot of pride in saying I am somewhat similar to the first couple of people. Well, actually, I haven't done much fighting for the cause other than put the ribbon on my blog (aaah, so that's what that is). But I am fighting to make a profession out of it. There is a tone of desperation to my last statement that is a direct result of my recent sub-mediocre performances. Even my blogging has been tainted as "just show off with english words from dictionary" which is rather heartbreaking and annoyingly funny. I've read some amazing blogs recently - The Goltese Falcon, Gounder Brownie (which was disappointingly destroyed by a stupid blog virus), All my bak-bak, (A)musings and one of my all time favorites Jyo's pensive. The feel good factor that I derive from these blogs is that they make me feel less guilty about not blogging as often. They also contribute to my graduate student pie-chart as drawn out by Jorge Cham and personalized to suit MY GENERAL INTERESTS.

(Click on the picture to enlarge. The original version is here)

Considering the amount of attention I give my blog, I would expect people to comment on the crappy language (I so often do that to myself). But now I'm all miss fancy pancy english dictionary. :D Warms my heart so. But my sincerest thanks to Vasanthi for quoting me.

Time to go back and try some of my new research (??!!) plans. Don't get any ideas, by new, I mean new to me. :D

Color: Pink (Go breast cancer fight!)
Song: Please forgive me (Bryan Adams)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Survival of the cutest.

Darwin's re-proposal of the Evolutionary theory.

1. Variation: The amount of cuteness in every population varies.

2. Competition: Species compete amongst themselves and with other species for attaining the cutest possible mate.

3. Offspring: Some organisms have more cuteness than is necessary and may spill them over to their offspring. Results may vary.

4. Genetics: It was believed that cuteness is genetically inherited, but sufficient evidence has been provided to prove otherwise. Organisms are expected to pass on their cuteness to the next generation, but chances are that cross overs are unsuccessful.

5. Natural selection: Those organisms with the cutest traits are more likely to survive and reproduce. Survival of the cutest.

Evolution from a microscopic perspective is very different from the nutshell perspective. In a social environment, its not the most talented one that rises (there are exceptions), but the most tactful ones. If you want to evolve in academic environments, showing that you are working is more important than working itself. If you want to leave something behind for the next generation, its money - not pride, not values, not culture - but money. Thats the inheritance they'll need the most.
This is what Evolution means now.
And I am content being the cyanobacterium in this world.

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