Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Don't we all need one?
Hope, love, happiness, romance - flavors of the same spice. They're all pacifiers. Ways to put my mind in a place it wants. Something for the mind to chew on so it doesn't bawl and throw a tantrum. My all-time favorite pacifiers are humor and inspiration.
Friends are probably the best ever made. I refused to believe that I could have an impact on anyone's life until someone had a huge one on mine. I was very careful about what I said to people after that. I am less reckless with words than I used to be. I make sure I don't say the "right" things, but that I say the right things. A slight alteration of my persona is helping me gain more perspective about friendship than I ever had. My pragma is someone's pragmatic. My apparently inconsequential words are advice to someone. My love is someone's hope.
I am someone's pacifier.

Build hope that realworld can be the foundation of
Build hope that love can be the future of
Build hope that deceit can't conquer
Build hope that one failure can't quench

Color: Olive green
Song: Wherever you will go (The Calling)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

p63 controversies.

Welgum to newest matrimonial site- Orkut.
Fransip anyone? Any mother browsing through profiles for daughters-in-law? haaai cute pic plz add me as ur frand? Porno links? Add requests from complete strangers with weird profiles?

I am sure there are a lot of people who are on this ever-improving network to meet new friends, to look for new avenues and build new worlds. But there is a how and where of doing that.
Mr.Buyukkokten is still to device ways to prevent people from uploading nude pictures other than that feeble line when you sign-up. I know there is nothing much he can do other than request people. (It's almost like Nobel inventing dynamite. Except I doubt there will ever be a Buyukkokten prize. Ah, well, who knows?)

I've made some great friends through Orkut, read amazing blogs, discussed mundane and super-important problems but also displayed uniform disregard for scraps with zero-percent sense (English-wise or otherwise). I've been criticized about a lot of things before, but never about being mean to strangers. I consider myself a fairly polite person. Its not that I don't appreciate strangers scrapping me - but I would like to have a choice of wanting to reply or not. And I thought I did. Until my not replying became rudeness and then somehow escalated to the point of me having sky-high attitude. I do feel the need to explain myself to myself. I try to reason it with some googling about etiquette. Doesn't work. Too vague.
Blogging seems to be effective, reminding me that I reply promptly to all my generous commentators and am receptive to criticism (I really am!). I am almost tempted to apologize for the unreplied scraps. But a sensible lump of ego is sitting at the tip of my fingers, shooing the apology away, saying that I did nothing wrong. So be it.
Non-repliers unite!

Stay beautiful,


(Wink at Nik, Suhasa, Jyo, Vinda)

Color: Red
Song: Sandiyare sandiyare!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A songbird lost in a winter storm.

Obligations. They are like friction. There when you don't want them, and not where you need them.