Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Womanly virtues.

So we are here twelve days after this thought took genesis on bunk #22. We have been collaborating with bunk #26 for a while. But that isn't working as well as we thought it would.

I've had arguments with my male friends countless number of times on this one. Chauvinism or Chivalry? There is an agreed-upon list which I never compromise on. Even with strangers. It is a genetic thing, I think, for men to presume that their opinion/action has more formula weight than that of women. It is right there when they think they can lift that heavy box but I can't, that I am more prone to making a mistake while driving than they are, that they have to teach me HTML else I'll never learn, that it is simply not possible that I make more money than them.
90% of my friends will swear that they aren't so. They're just in denial. They'll come around. I might sound too critical and judgmental about it, maybe even to the point of generalizing things. But it is true. I am yet to meet a man who doesn't have that chauvinistic streak.

For every minute you are not in my thoughts,
There are a million only about you.

Song: Ehi thaiyya
Color: Crimson


prashanth bhat said...

Just stumbled upon your blog.
I just know that you exist because I was the from the same college as you were.

And for the post, you are completely right. Women and old age do not get the respect they deserve.

Divine Ravana said...

Guys usually indulge in role playing (often screw up too) "Mr.FixIt"s ... and assume (though unwarranted) that he "must provide" the gal .. with a big list of whatever.. Let's not talk about the whatever... This "provider" mentality often drives in them either the courage (as they call it) or the insecurity (as i would call it), when it comes to the need for putting the extra spring in their steps to Be the Provider.. in those things (and the like) you mention.... I guess hormones are made that way .. And may be this sounds chauvinistic to you.. Or the mirage of perceptions dancing in front of you !!

The words " For every minute .... " .. does sound simply out of the world .. .. Kudos..

Deepu Vasudevan said...


thank you. i do remember you as one of suhasa's friends. i guess it takes a lot to admit what i've written. for all i know, i might just fight with someone who wrote vindictive things about women. :)


men are more driven by biology than women are. hence their actions are forgivable, but not acceptable.
very speculative.

Divine Ravana said...

Isn't forgiving a form of hidden acceptance and self denial ?

Deepu Vasudevan said...


forgiveness is accepting the flaw IN THAT person (man or woman) but not accepting the flaw itself. But that is an interesting point about self-denial .

Deepu Vasudevan said...

P.S. may I have the link to your blog, if there is one? there isnt a link on your profile

Santu said...

I used to have one around .. had to delete for some reason ..
Now i am back again at http://iskribble.blogspot.com