Thursday, December 20, 2007


The smallest of words have the biggest of impacts when used in the right places.
A discontent IF.
A disdainful SO.
A disrespectful YES.

(Good God! If for every crappy post I wrote I was given a hundred bucks, I'd be free of all monetary debt by now)

Life has its ways in the end, in the beginning and everywhere in between. Its forcing me to grow up. It is shoving BIG things in front of me and yelling SEE THEM. It is talking a foreign language and blaspheming me for not understanding. I started out with a lot of faith in people and in my God. Faith is like money, if you spend too much of it too soon, then it will run out. If you invest it in the right places, then the dividends are munificent. Its a gamble. You can't play safe and you can't risk it.

If we could chose our thoughts
But not our words
If we could contain anger
But not love
If we could wipe out despair
As we would our tears
If we could accept instantly
And forgive faster still
If we could be content
And have some left to give
If laughter was as contagious
As is cynicism
If our minds could slow down
And our hearts pick up pace
It wouldn't be such a dark world
It wouldn't be such a small place.

Color: Grey
Song: Aazmaale


Arvind said...

IF I hadn't popped in here, you would still have had absolutely no comments..
SO, I have marked my place to prove my existance..
SO what? You don't care??

YES! Neither do I...

P.S - I liked the play with words at the end.. Although 'a heart picking up pace' doesn't sound like a safe bet.. :)
And for whatever it's worth, I'm glad the world is dark and small..

Deepu Vasudevan said...

I must say I didn't fully understand what you said :D

But thank you for the compliment. And for the picking -up pace i meant it figuratively :)

And I don't have a complaint about the small part, but I do wish it was brighter.

sree kumar said...

IF , SO , YES...Huh???

IF the scientists had the ability to understsand who is genuine and who is fake, the world would have been a different place for sure....


SO what if the scientists, especially women are losers with no common sense thinking that world is a small and dark place?

YES, it is me again, insulted because of my mother, who liked this dumb girl in orkut with sky high attitude to be her daughter in law....

YES again, what do I say for attitude??


Deepu Vasudevan said...


you need rehabilitation. please understand, that drugs are NOT the answer.

Tatu said...

Can't you switch on comment moderations for your blog? Keeps the scum out! :)
Pretty amazing blog!
And visit mine too! and comment!


oh - oh...

I see what you meant !

That guy's way of responding to things. seems don't have enough mental growth to accept things which are not quite his choice.

back to the "IF, SO , YES" ; very interesting. I feel like I could write something on them. good thread.

very much liked the small peom. but, is the world dark and small?
I thought that it is bright, colourfull,beautiful and full of life.