Saturday, December 22, 2007

The deaf orator.

You can turn a deaf ear to what the world is saying. You can put on headphones and listen to loud music. But the world can still hear you. If you aren't saying anything, even then it listens to your silence. It makes meanings of the silence. It makes words out of quiet glances. It infers "practical" things from the aimless wanderings of a lost soul.
The world is full of wonderful sights. So much to admire and be in awe of. America , especially is so blessed with natural beauty. Not as much as Kerala, but almost comparable. Still so, even in such a well groomed country, when I stand at the train station, a poor old man whose fingers twitch involuntarily has more spectators than that beautiful moon over a leafless winter tree.

We could seek beauty in the smile of a flower
and feel compassion in the wide eyes of a grazing cow
But we choose instead to iron our hair
and pity a limping old man now.

Sigh. I am such a complain freak and so good at finding shortcomings in the world's behavior while still being a part of it and its flaws.
Those who say oxygen is gaseous are yet to meet you.

Color: Peach
Song: Enna satham indha neram


anonymous said...

cows are nice, but what they lack is sustained dramatic interest which a pitiable old man readily offers

finding flaws is rarely a means usually it is an end in itself, some ego gratification some timepass, what more wud one want of an activity

Deepu Vasudevan said...


what you call dramatic interest appeals to me more as sympathetic urge. perceptions vary.

finding flaw is the means and the end. too much dissection of behavior and very less 'stepping in someone else's shoes'. but i agree with you completely.

Tatu said...

interesting take on the world. the fact that we are part of its problems is ironic in the sense that we try to actually SOLVE them! :)
what we don't realize is that we should stop trying and actually do it! there's a subtle difference...