Saturday, December 22, 2007

The deaf orator.

You can turn a deaf ear to what the world is saying. You can put on headphones and listen to loud music. But the world can still hear you. If you aren't saying anything, even then it listens to your silence. It makes meanings of the silence. It makes words out of quiet glances. It infers "practical" things from the aimless wanderings of a lost soul.
The world is full of wonderful sights. So much to admire and be in awe of. America , especially is so blessed with natural beauty. Not as much as Kerala, but almost comparable. Still so, even in such a well groomed country, when I stand at the train station, a poor old man whose fingers twitch involuntarily has more spectators than that beautiful moon over a leafless winter tree.

We could seek beauty in the smile of a flower
and feel compassion in the wide eyes of a grazing cow
But we choose instead to iron our hair
and pity a limping old man now.

Sigh. I am such a complain freak and so good at finding shortcomings in the world's behavior while still being a part of it and its flaws.
Those who say oxygen is gaseous are yet to meet you.

Color: Peach
Song: Enna satham indha neram

Thursday, December 20, 2007


The smallest of words have the biggest of impacts when used in the right places.
A discontent IF.
A disdainful SO.
A disrespectful YES.

(Good God! If for every crappy post I wrote I was given a hundred bucks, I'd be free of all monetary debt by now)

Life has its ways in the end, in the beginning and everywhere in between. Its forcing me to grow up. It is shoving BIG things in front of me and yelling SEE THEM. It is talking a foreign language and blaspheming me for not understanding. I started out with a lot of faith in people and in my God. Faith is like money, if you spend too much of it too soon, then it will run out. If you invest it in the right places, then the dividends are munificent. Its a gamble. You can't play safe and you can't risk it.

If we could chose our thoughts
But not our words
If we could contain anger
But not love
If we could wipe out despair
As we would our tears
If we could accept instantly
And forgive faster still
If we could be content
And have some left to give
If laughter was as contagious
As is cynicism
If our minds could slow down
And our hearts pick up pace
It wouldn't be such a dark world
It wouldn't be such a small place.

Color: Grey
Song: Aazmaale

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Womanly virtues.

So we are here twelve days after this thought took genesis on bunk #22. We have been collaborating with bunk #26 for a while. But that isn't working as well as we thought it would.

I've had arguments with my male friends countless number of times on this one. Chauvinism or Chivalry? There is an agreed-upon list which I never compromise on. Even with strangers. It is a genetic thing, I think, for men to presume that their opinion/action has more formula weight than that of women. It is right there when they think they can lift that heavy box but I can't, that I am more prone to making a mistake while driving than they are, that they have to teach me HTML else I'll never learn, that it is simply not possible that I make more money than them.
90% of my friends will swear that they aren't so. They're just in denial. They'll come around. I might sound too critical and judgmental about it, maybe even to the point of generalizing things. But it is true. I am yet to meet a man who doesn't have that chauvinistic streak.

For every minute you are not in my thoughts,
There are a million only about you.

Song: Ehi thaiyya
Color: Crimson