Friday, November 30, 2007

Fish traffic, Cat manners and Driving dodos.

Bare necessities. That's all I have come to need. A friendly word is a luxury and love is an extravagance.
Barest necessities.

A beggar's gratitude and an ingrate child
A tamed tiger and a mouse so wild
Withered trees with melting snow
Beauty still has a long way to go.

Welcoming arms of a thrashing sea
Internal qualms within a calm-looking me
Sleepless nights on a feather bed
The color of blood is not always red.

Clinging cloying love so pure
Flawed and clawing love unsure
A diamond's brilliance going waste
Pickled thoughts not gaining taste.


Color: Ink Blue
Song: Kanda vaa vaa (Sudha raghunathan)

Monday, November 12, 2007


Its 1.27 AM on a cold Tuesday morning.
You are alone in the lab.
You think yourself a nice person albeit blessed with a knack for annoying people sometimes.
You think you are extremely protective about the ones you love. You are also a rather fierce feminist. An aspiring scientist. You believe you have the five best men in America as your friends. They're your family you think. (Until someone asks "What family?") There is a lone man in India somewhere asking you why you haven't had dinner and that its going to give you ulcers.
Your mother wants to know why you haven't had the time to call home and that stirs some guilt. You ask if appa has gone to work. There is a smile in her voice when she relates what she made him for breakfast before he left. You sigh at the thought of a warm cozy home but tell her nothing.
Its 1.48 now.
None of your five best man have asked you where you are and why the hell aren't you home yet.
Now what does that say about all what you thought about yourself?
Get back to me in twenty two years and 357 days and I might have an answer.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Close to the End of DNA fragments.

Thoughts wander in those dark lanes
Putting out lights in those neon streets
Washing the floor with black coal tar
Salvation now isn't too far.

Drawing new lines with fully loaded rifles
Replacing love with suspicion
And faith with fear
That is why the stars never shine here.

Snaking their ways through a child's mind
Painting faces with worry lines
Quenching innocence with hate
A prolonged itch that never does sate.

Color: Black.
Movie: Munich.