Sunday, October 21, 2007

ogacihc. case insensitive.

I am not geography expert or for that matter a good judge of anything. I am opinionated though, not to a bothersome extent, but a just a little. An opinionated person makes a good source of writing material.

Chicago is a beautiful city. Similar and different to New York in many ways. The endless skylines in NY are breathtaking when you first see them, but they tire you with their monotonicity soon. Chicago is different, the sky lines are punctuated here and there with quaint shops, archaic buildings and my favorite rivers that run below Chicago's roads. I cannot be completely sure, but Chicago is a city walking through which will probably never tire me because there is a beauty gradient. My favorite still remains Harbor Road. But Chicago is definitely more charming than New York. It is probably just as charming as DC, but doesn't have as much character as DC does.

And since someone once asked me to try writing in Tamizh, I am trying.

En kanneer un mazhaiyaagum, en karangal un kudaiyaagum.
Un iru kangal en suryanai thondra, un sirippu en velichamaagum.
Ariyamayil nee ennai sutri varuvathu pol enakku thondriyadhu
Oru kanam nindru paarthien, sutruvadhu naan endru manam unariyadhu.

Color: Tan
Song: Laaga chunari mein daag


Bala said...

Tamil Kavithaigal , Phramatham

Anand Prabhu said...

super... kalakura deepu...
but i wont agree that chicago is better than NY.. :D

NY is the bestest next to salem :D

For tamil typing use,this link

very easy to type...

Deepu said...

@ bala

thanksu. thats the first normal comment u've given me.

@ subbugaarru

I like Chicago better. At least comparing the feel I got when I first went to NY as opposed to when I went to Chicago.

Hariharan Sukumar said...

Kozhappittaya, kozhapittaya... yey subbu, enna purinjidhu unakku idhulla ;) ?

Anand Prabhu said...

dei hari... entha kavidhai da purinchi irukku namakku... chumma ellam nalla irukunu sollika vendiyathu thaan :D...

Deepu said...

paavi pasangala.. ippadi public a damage panreengale.