Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happier times.

If you write a letter with your wishes in it, with all your secret crazy whims put in, who would you send it to? Is there anyone you can send it to without them laughing at it? Is there anyone who you can send it to who would take it to heart and set about fulfilling them? How much of that letter would you let your "best friend" read?
I don't have an answer to most of those questions. But what I do know the answer to is if I would let a complete stranger read it.

We'll see a happier day and a brighter sun will shine then
The rain is just here to wash away the dirt off leaves
And the clouds to shadow us from miseries beyond
Our hope is our weapon and we'll wield it free.

To Vinda, Deepi, me and a happier time.

COLOR: Mazda burgundy
SONG: Hey there Delilah (Plain white tees)


Bala said...

Happier times will come deepu . Don worry .

Deepu said...

thanks bala.

P.S. the comment is supposed to be for the post, not for the sentiment with which it was written. :P

Aparna said...

deepu u will always be my fav writer! this is fantastic!!

Bala said...

I value sentiments than the skill with which it is written :P

I can see hope shining like a flame in your life and you are gonna enjoy the trip:)

Viktah said...

Yo Deep,
Was looking for the spelling of a word on Google & among the couple 1000 links that popped up was yours!
I'm the stranger yu sent that letter to!
Yu've got depth ( I'm not being corny - yu know , coz your name is Deep ) , & style .
I can't gel with your 2nd paragraph or whatever it is , coz to me , yu project nothing but joie de vivre!
Stay Cute .



Jyotsna said...

the whole point of writing the letter should be to let go of what was - so that you can look forward to what-will-be.
it does not really matter who reads it, as long as it is not a part of you anymore :)

Deepu said...


hmm.. interesting.


Thanks. Which word were you looking for btw? :)



Viktah said...

Discombombulate! Mouthful eh! Can't remember why I needed it then.

And here's coincidence . Recently I was smitten by this gal , & in that state I wind up speechless - not wordless , just speechless , so I did what yu did , wrote a letter! Which is a big deal .Why , 'cause I'm old enough to know not to leave evidence of affection in iretrievable , undeniable format! But I did . I'll take refuge in Jyotsna's view on this letter business - got it of my mind!
May let yu read it someday!

Keep writing.

Deepu said...

po di loosy. i love u.


sounds like quite some letter. would love to read it. :)

Arvind Suresh said...


I like the way u say "best friend". Has a lot of meaning in it that one. :)

And thanks fr the dedication. Means a lot more than you think. :) The world is a happier place because of your blog so keep the good times rolling !!!

Deepu said...

anytime vinda. and i mean every word in it. and i know this blog is most applicable to us three.

Viktah said...

Hey Deep ,

My letter seems to have hit home .
I'm on my way to once again going thru the joys & pains of that emotion that one writer described as a " mating flight on wings of wax flying towards the sun." Hopeless huh ! But as another said , " for as long as it lasts , it is sbsolutely great! And so we do it . Putting hope before experiance and all that!

Keep em coming.

Deepu said...

thanks viktah! :)