Tuesday, October 30, 2007

When I pause to reason my life, I lose some reason from it.

What about a mentally tormented writer? What about him?
Does a writer need to emotionally empty himself to write objectively? Does he need to be devoid of any likes or dislikes whatsoever?
I am still looking for answers. But here is an image that I have seen again and again.
Somewhere near the heart. I don't know where exactly that is present in terms of anatomy. I remember from a past biology class somewhere to the left, and I locate it more accurately but sensing its beats. Growing faster with every minute. A steel claw that so closely resembles a human skeleton. Fluid in motion, it starts picking at the "heart" with surgical dexterity. The pain increases steadily but in a steep graph. Nerve ends spark together and apart pushing at the tolerance limit. My other heart (which one is this again?) pains and blood of a different kind seeps out. A white shiny liquid - clear and fragrant. I suddenly think if unicorn blood. And that's the last thought.

I don't know why this image is a Robin Cook/Sci-fi/overlapping one. But it is.

Color: A white - shiny and clear.
Song: I can feel the magic floating in the air, being with you makes me that way.
(Why can't I recall anything else about this song)

Sunday, October 21, 2007

ogacihc. case insensitive.

I am not geography expert or for that matter a good judge of anything. I am opinionated though, not to a bothersome extent, but a just a little. An opinionated person makes a good source of writing material.

Chicago is a beautiful city. Similar and different to New York in many ways. The endless skylines in NY are breathtaking when you first see them, but they tire you with their monotonicity soon. Chicago is different, the sky lines are punctuated here and there with quaint shops, archaic buildings and my favorite rivers that run below Chicago's roads. I cannot be completely sure, but Chicago is a city walking through which will probably never tire me because there is a beauty gradient. My favorite still remains Harbor Road. But Chicago is definitely more charming than New York. It is probably just as charming as DC, but doesn't have as much character as DC does.

And since someone once asked me to try writing in Tamizh, I am trying.

En kanneer un mazhaiyaagum, en karangal un kudaiyaagum.
Un iru kangal en suryanai thondra, un sirippu en velichamaagum.
Ariyamayil nee ennai sutri varuvathu pol enakku thondriyadhu
Oru kanam nindru paarthien, sutruvadhu naan endru manam unariyadhu.

Color: Tan
Song: Laaga chunari mein daag

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happier times.

If you write a letter with your wishes in it, with all your secret crazy whims put in, who would you send it to? Is there anyone you can send it to without them laughing at it? Is there anyone who you can send it to who would take it to heart and set about fulfilling them? How much of that letter would you let your "best friend" read?
I don't have an answer to most of those questions. But what I do know the answer to is if I would let a complete stranger read it.

We'll see a happier day and a brighter sun will shine then
The rain is just here to wash away the dirt off leaves
And the clouds to shadow us from miseries beyond
Our hope is our weapon and we'll wield it free.

To Vinda, Deepi, me and a happier time.

COLOR: Mazda burgundy
SONG: Hey there Delilah (Plain white tees)