Monday, September 3, 2007

Pyar mein dil pe maar le goli le le meri jaan.

I wish that this world may contain only things that make you happy.
I wish I were the only one who could cause you pain, because I never will, and even if I do, then its easier to shoot myself down.
I wish our silences to be meaningful.
I wish I could hear your heartbeat no matter how far I am from you because it is my favorite sound in the world.
I wish I wake up to a smile on your face every morning rather than the sun's.
I wish geography had no significance in our lives.

But the truth is,

My world has only things that pain you.
I am not brave enough to shoot myself down. Or anyone else.
Our silences only showcase our ego.
Yelling is all I hear.
It's like the sun goes down on me every morning.
Every millimeter seems to stretch forever.

One last wish is to stop turning my blog into my personal diary.
One last truth is that if I did that, then I would currently have nothing to put in my blog.

COLOR: Algae green
MUSIC: Junoon


Anand Prabhu said...

wow.. i love the first stanza.. kalakure deepamma.. enna orey peelingsaaa. :P.. very nice...

Jyotsna said...

ohh ! how i wish the world had only things that made us happy too !! :)
this is probably the first post in your blog that i understood !
good going !!
cheer up, girl. if yu need any of that, tell me, i will give you one LARGE cheer injection ! :P

Deepu said...

@ subbu

thengyoo. inimel paarungo, blog a pozhiya poguthu. :P


thengyoo to you too. and i think i'll take that injection.