Saturday, September 1, 2007

Any cheesy title.

That is what this post should have. A cheesy title. I didn't put one myself because there were too many winners.

Every time I hit a cranky note, I try to think if things have been worse than this. If they have been, then I needn't worry because I have been through that kind of hell and back. If it is an all time low, then it probably means that time has come to stretch my limits and tread thinner ice and walk hotter embers. Time has come to become stronger.

He who doesn't leave old lands shall never see new shores.

At nearly the end of a month long vacation in India, I honestly thought I would feel very different from the way I am right now. Maybe because I still keep seeing people the way I saw them a year back, but they have changed shades. Friends, family and even foes have changed. Some smiles have become artificial, some others shine more genuinely than ever. Some are unexpectedly pleasant and some others are painful reminders of what geographical distance has done.

The sun still shines yellow
The grass is still green
It is people who've changed color
And its not gone unseen.
Some wounds have healed
Some old ones revisited
A few new gashes have cut
And necrosed ones mourned.
The water is still blue
Laughter still is music
The change is only in you
The rest is all a trick.

I am not sure if this will make sense to me ten days later. But it does not. Maybe because I am painting from a palette of emotions and not writing on clean slate.

COLOR: Mint green
SONG Beetein lamhe (TRAIN)


Mayth!! said...

Nice :)

Emotions are short-lived....they dont make sense once they're replaced with new ones.
Its one thing to move on, its another to endure them while they last.
Nice post :)

Deepika said...
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Deepu said...

very true. :)