Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thought of/after/in a month?

I have denied myself the pleasure of writing for over one cycle of the moon now. And I say I have "denied" it to myself because there were thoughts that were itching to be penned but then I contained them. For no particular reason. Or so I like to say.


So much like and unlike Kumbakonam. There is that fervent bhakti. Just like in Kumbakonam. But it is quiet. Not violent and loud like in K. Calming, soothing, brings about a certain internal peace. As if to say, if anything goes wrong, let it, it will be taken care of. It is My bidding that they go wrong. In Kumbakonam, there is a certain rage, a certain fear of God, not in agreement with Him. Aakrosham is the word.

In Thirupathi, its a different kind. There is a certain jest and zest. People come there in good humor, at least I did. Smiling faces, bald heads - impossible to tell people apart. The same bhakti, in three different flavors. Just like the different flavors of friendship that people have had me taste in the past month or so. I wouldn't say I liked all of them, but they were interesting nonetheless.

"... a great suppurating wound, a jagged gape of flesh.."

(Just to remind me about what all I should write in my next post. Which will be a while from now)

COLOR: Maize yellow.
MUSIC: Barso re megha (Guru)

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