Thursday, July 19, 2007

What you don't know cannot hurt you.

Whoever said that sure thought it through a lot. It is one of the patronizing statements that people make when they don't want you to know something that you obviously should know. I am not writing this because I am outraged that people don't tell me things that rightfully belong in my head, but because I am not telling people what rightfully should be in theirs. And this is not a confession, since a confession can be made only when the victim knows not, and boy, do my victims know.
I have taken a liking to being alone these days. Maybe I am growing up or maybe I am just finding new interests. I want to get back to art. I still remember the one vacation in Delhi that I spent making two paintings, there were brushes, tubes of paint, varnish, gold powder, cotton swabs, isographs, stained newspapers strewn all over the living room. It was only because the paintings looked rather good that my mother didn't complain about the mess I was making. These days, my room looks too clean - it needs some color. I think I might paint something after coming back from India. Another thing I have fallen into is procrastination. I try to postpone everything - I really mean EVERYTHING. From running a gel to using the restroom. I always have some thoughts that I chew cud over.

Some thoughts that have dwelt in my mind recently,

- If you want me to apologize, you must be ready to accept it and not counter it with something like "you don't mean that".
- If I am not telling you something, it is because I don't want you to know it. Its plain and simple.
- If we all just let people around us do what they want, then no one would be happy.

COLOR: The green in those neon lights
SONG: You're too good to be true (Four Seasons)


Prashant Das said...

and i thought i was supposed to be the author of "the stereotype"..

Anand Prabhu said...

ebba... it took me three readings to understand un post... un rangea thani deepamma...

Deepu said...

@ Dr.Das

Nathaari, unakku thevai ilaathathu.
Go figure what that means. :P

And I am not talking about stereotype - more like the umbrella woman.

@ Subbu

Hehehe.. range pathi laam neenga pesa koodathu Mr.RebelXT. :P