Tuesday, July 24, 2007

They know not life who know not this.

As much as the creator didn’t intend it to happen, the downfall of relationships is inevitable and can cause more damage than any wand wielded by any wizard of any caliber. I see men, so hopeless in their lust for their own obsessions. So vain, conspiring and conniving to achieve their ambitions that they throw aside people and things that could be more worthy achievements and ambitions than the ones they pursue. How these men shall never even realize what fools they have been magnifies their foolishness all the more. I stand outside the frames that bind these pictures to walls of perceived emotions and laugh haughtily at their ignorance. It was the bliss proffered with that ignorance and innocence that tempted me into painting myself into those pictures. Then knowledge and its acceptance nudged themselves in with time. Some call it resigning, some resentment and some more detachment. But unless you stand where I do, see what I see, think what I think and be who I am, it is absolutely impossible to understand. As I type this, some famous smells come and go in my memory – people as I had remembered by their smells, their odors, the chemicals that their bodies exuded uniquely. I feel almost like a fox sans the light-footedness.

I see the world as it is has presented itself to me and I try not to make a generalization. I make an honest effort to not group people under umbrellas of opinions and judgment. But as I said, I write them as they have presented themselves to me. Creatures who are interested primarily in their affairs and more so, who are consciously willing to scar others who sometimes willingly present themselves to be beguiled. I am not going to wear a halo and will admit that I have been involved in instances where I ’presented’ myself on either side of the argument.

I am visiting the only true friends there are – in books and fairy tales. There is no trustworthy person. There is no one who would go all out for anyone. No one is selfless and certainly not considerate.

The world is a tricky place to live in for those who believe in friendship, true or otherwise. And its simply hell for those who don’t.

COLOR: Midnight blue (for a reason)
SONG: Na jaane kabse ummeedein kuch baaki hai (Jal)


lamp said...

In the Razzmatazz of life,frames of life present multi dimension perspectives, and being caught up in time and space, we have little choices and I don't expect anything to jump up from this print, I am as innocent as you are, honestly, thinking in your shoes,

looking for that ultimate superman!!!!!!!
that was good Deepu

Anand Prabhu said...

aloo...enna aachu...??? post ellam orey hotaa irukku??

Deepu said...


Thanks :) Razzamatazz is an unusual word. I like it though.

@ Subbu

Onnum illa subbings, ore the vayalum vaazhvum paathu kaettu poiten :P

Vämp!rë said...

it's materialistic world...so every act should b materialistic...for those who are like tht...if you have any principles, you can always follow it...no matter wat it'll buy for you

p.s.: y only men..not women :D

Mayur said...

Quick question: Why do you believe that the creator, if he/she/it exists, didnt intend for relationships to fall apart. After all nothing is permanent and that it the essence of it all. The ephemeral nature of life and such?

Oh and Hi! Im Mayur, I happened to chance upon your blog through Satish's Orkut friend list, No, i dont do that for a living [:)]

Deepu said...

@ Mayur

I guess I was rather hoping that the Creator didnt intend it. I cannot seem to explain why I wrote that. Not without sounding defensive at least :)
But it is true that most words generate wounds that end up being deeper than we imagine or intended them to be.

I didn't presume that you do that for a living. Primarily because you'd be starved if you did. And I am Deepika, which you probably already know. :)