Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Thick marshy silence.

And suddenly one day, no one knew why - it all became so quiet. The silence took over so suddenly and sunk in so deep, that no one could prevent it nor deny its presence. It hung about like an aura, repelling all social advances. It built around a flimsy fortress that though many could break with a little effort, no one cared or dared to.
Global freezing. Where there were icy stares, cold words exchanged, chilly howls and cool attitudes. Everything was sub-zero.

Thick as resin it pours all over
And paralyzes thought
Freezes it in disarray
Makes it look like drought.
And from the bog emanates
the stench of solitude
Silence is a temporary analgesic
that allows you to brood.

Just 8 lines again. What is with it?
Oh, Who is John Galt ?!

COLOR: Yellow
SONG: Merke merke (Kanda naal muthal)


Vämp!rë said...

Silence sometimes is obscured sometimes it speaks out everything
Silence is a killer
Silence is your savior

yeah u got it right...i never close ne of my blogs or poems watevr u call it :)...n if i m not wrong then u're same gal in NY who has to change her apt coz of some chinki's mistake...u're pursuing M.S. in bio med..right???

Vämp!rë said...

wat's thr in the name...m like better to remain unknown[:)]...still if u wanna know my name...u need find out urself...

hint: orkut :)

Vämp!rë said...

wat can i say pretty lady :)...neither m gonna tell u my real name...i'ven't changed yet...still arrogant :P...:)

Harish said...

what is to Silence
You offered an ode
What is of the world
That you prayed attention

The gift of solitude to some
Is a prelude to book of life
And the world that judges
Better lay my existence unknown.

I have chosen to interpret your silence as a self imposed solitude

Vämp!rë said...

yeah u're right :)...but i think it should better be called "straight forwardness"...m i right??? :)

Vämp!rë said...

yup i wud have...but i dont' tell my real name to nebody whom i don't know...or i've some professonal relation with him/her...n bout chit chat...it's always ur wish to talk to me or ignore me :)...go ahead do watever u want...

Vämp!rë said...

i never said somthing like that...it's just me...50% janta in my undergrad campus used to know me by "Vamp!re" n not by my real name...n still they don't...coz i don't like to tell my real name until it's necessary...bout orkut...if u search..it'll b almost impossible to find me...but thr r few easy ways...think hard :)...let's see whether u can do it or not :)...ur efforts will nto be wasted :)

Vämp!rë said...

and ppl thought has no limit...they can think watever they want...no matter wat u do :))...it's better to stand alone rather than to walk with crowd :)

lamp said...

Who can create a noise for silence,
But capture it and make it your own,
Ramifications are plenty as how you choose to spend it,
Time begins its purpose,and in it does it flourish
Time is warped , so is sound @ 0 hertz