Monday, June 4, 2007

Pay Day.

Some people get lucky. Their luck amazes them, makes them happy and eventually, if their luck is persistent, then they get proud of it. But that pride is false. When you have earned what you have by hard work, then the world and the people around you associate you with the word "deserving". That feeling right there, is pride. True pride. Justified pride.

The first rain after the summer
The first flower after the snow,
They all speak of toil
And that is all I know.
I know not how to speak of my work
I know not how to sell,
I just give it the best I have
And my work speaks for itself.

For some freaking reason (Ya Hari, I will always say that) I cannot seem to emote beyond eight lines. Maybe my next post should be titled, "Eighth line". Well, maybe.

COLOR: Peach
SONG: Poo vaasam purappadum (Anbe Sivam)


Harish said...

I don't denounce your thoughts outrightly. I can't write like you do. But appreciate what you have put down about luck and pride. It definitely is an intriguing question. Sometimes I really find hard to believe there is something like results to hard work. The whole world seems like a complex web of incidents, coincidences etc...and one incident which I control can how far affect my achievements. Pride is a false emotion under any circumstance. I don't know how to end this. But simply put the ways of the world is not egalitarian. So I don't credit any pride to any soul in this world. As an end note - you make a healthy blogger. I hope I can be regular here.

Deepu said...


Thank you... I think that is the most insightful comment so far :)
I don't think pride is a false emotion. Ask your parents, they will tell you how true the emotion of seeing you be successful is. But when pride becomes arrogance, you have a problem there. nonetheless, an interesting perspective.
and ya, you can be a regular here :)