Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mazal Tov

Language. I have written and thought about this so many times before but I always feel I haven't expressed what is REALLY on my mind adequately or with real quality. This post is going to be yet another futile attempt.
Mazal Tov. That is Hebrew for good luck. A Jewish classmate taught me that expression. I really took a shine to it and have been dying to use it in some context but haven't found a suitable debut for it yet. There is such a nice ring to it when I say it to myself. Mazal Tov! And when he said that to me, there was a certain warmth in it. Maybe because he expressed it in his native tongue that it sounded so personal and heartfelt. But how can such a foreign noise evoke so much thought in me? Its the same feeling I get when listening to Turkish music- the lyrics are so powerful. I don't know what they mean but I somehow know it is about love and betrayal, and similar emotions. This amazing blend of phonetics and ISPs awes me so.

This bridge you built won't stand long
It will collapse to a heap of pain
You used your strength to make it strong
But their hate made it all in vain
This bridge has its recipe all wrong
Break it before you go insane.

It must have stood on love and trust,
But it stood on want and need
Hold it up if you must,
But they'll bring it down with greed
It will all be blown to ashes and dust
Upon which will grow no seed.

Don't you cry, weary wanderer
You just have to walk some more
For sometime, be a launder
And wash off all those sores
Learn to look not back but yonder
And your mind is no one's whore.

This is the first time I am using a slight obscenity in my writing.
And it fits as beautifully as a joey in a roo.

SONG: Aao huzoor tumko (Karunesh)


shri said...

You are one enthu person. You have time and effort for learning Hebrew, listening to Turkish music, writing blogs... one per day.. and that too not exactly in prose... awesome :-)

BTW, whats it about the poems in your blogs... maybe I am tasteless, but I feel that it should be completely prose or only poetry... maybe u differ...

Also, whats it about the Color and Song at the end of every blog?

Anonymous said...

poikilothermicity, If you will. And colors to boot.

Harish said...

There is nothing Love can't withstand
There may have been greed in love,
That hate found out,

If not greed may be the scarifice wasn't enough,

If the hate was so big that love can't grow again
May be the promise to eternity wasn't there,
Love doesn't give up easy
Hate's victory doesn't last

Looking back ain't that bad if one still chooses to walk ahead.

Deepu said...

@ Shri

I am like that wonly :) Hebrew and Turkish is a side effect of being in a truly international class (unlike the desi comp sci dept)
The poems are actually just something I doodle around during the day and I just put it in my blog so they don't get lost.
The color and song is to remind myself of what mood I was in when I wrote it. :)

@ anonymous

I like the word poikilothermicity. It would be nice to know who you are. Why the anonymity?


whoa! We can argue about love and hate all day long and no one would win. Each man to his own!

lamp said...

language puts so many barriers to the utter vexation of thought , feelings and another language,

maybe this is out of context!

you see what I mean,