Monday, May 21, 2007

Of similes and metaphors.

Sometime back when I had a really crappy simile for my status ("My mind is like a dissected frog, it can't hide anything even if it wants to" ; BELCH), Satyam adjusted his to a good one - "Grad students are like similes, they can't all be good."
I remember writing about puns and double entendres before, but similes and metaphors are classic turfs. More recently, I read about triple entendres, and realized that my imagination is a mere fraction of the person who wrote all that. All this is in my mind because I am thinking about a few lines I wrote last morning (last morning?? Is that formation correct??)
Love and politics are the same: Promises are made that will be forgotten, it cannot be won without foul play and some point of time, everyone gets sick of it.

Of all the things to write about in this world, I think love is the easiest. Most people understand it and have an opinion about it. All my thoughts are coming out in a disjunct fashion because I am not thinking continuously. In fact, I am thinking very rarely.

Glory has been deceived
Blood has been shed
Valor still screams out
And the enemy has fled.
Sharpened minds and knives
Connive to kill honesty
Fanged tongues and poisoned hearts
Claim it to be amnesty.

COLOR: Olive Green
SONG: Ethanai kodi inbam vaithai iraiva (Bombay Jayshree)


lamp said...

I Agree

annie said...

Interesting blog!

Harish said...

Nothing but crap... Seems just gather words and then contemplate the meaning... this rubbish passes off as good, shows the paucity of thought and lack of intelligence in society. What you have written is your mind, which is in complete disarray...though nothing wrong in that but some readers try to find meaning in it. Crazy what has become of the world. Instead of ideas it is pseudo intelligence that is getting praises.

Deepu said...

@ lamp

i think harish disagrees ;)
but thank you.

@ annie

would be nice to read your blog (if you have one)

@ harish

maybe so... but i did state that i am putting down my thought and that i am thinking in disjunct fashion. nonetheless, its your opinion, stick to it!