Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Rit and Hun.

A lot of thoughts, some planted, some unwarranted, some trash from my neighbor and a couple of my own. They all play hide and seek in my untended mind. Each trying to find someone else to latch on to. Someone to tag to so that they sound louder. I need an organizer inside my skull now. That alphabetizes, prioritizes and categorizes those rascals and gives me some peace.

Such perfectly timed stones are pelted
Into the puddle of my naive mind
Some naive and some perversion
some honesty and some diversion.
And the evening sun
Leaves behind a murkiness
It dawns upon the stone-thrower
that no one watches anymore
And he dumps them all in one swift motion
A muffled scream shoots out and he frowns
And the blackness plays ally to him
Thats how the puddle of thoughts drowned.

1 comment:

nithu said...

rit n hun??? or is it hit n run???i actually had to scroll up to c if i had read it correctly or ws it my eye playing a trick.... wel my eye s perfect.. jus tat te title itself s so capturing... tat ws a brilliant one.. honestly!!! n specially wen i myself hv so much things on mind n hoping for a good break free frm al thoughts ths blog really caught my attention..so much truth said jus in few couple of lines.. hats off!!!!!!